Death Does Not Justify Death
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Beach Violence

This is a kites arch I have created.

On it I have written "Death Does Not Justify Death", in Hebrew and Arabic.

On the afternoon of Saturday, July 26th 2003, me and my family went to the beach of Ashdod.

After flying another kite, I have spread the arch that is anchored to the ground on both ends.

When I finished anchoring the second end, I saw that someone is trying to untie the kite from the opposite end. I approached him to see what he was doing and all I could understand from him was that he thought it was wrong flying this kite.

He didn't speak Hebrew, just French. I will call him here "the French". This is the one with the moustache.

While trying to prevent him from untying the string, I saw a crowd gathering and also that someone else is trying to untie the arch, on the other end. I will cal him "the father". This is the one with the black bathing suite.

I realized there is going to be a riot, I went to my bag, took my mobile phone and called the police telling them I am going to get hurt and asked them to come at once.

Then I took my camera to take pictures of the event.

I began collecting the remains of my kite from the sand.

When I saw one of the kids plucking the kites from the string, I yelled at him and pushed him away,

Then the "father" rushed to me and shouted at me not to touch his son and began beating me.

I escaped, called the police again telling them to come because I have already been beaten.

The lifeguards, who at first didn't do a thing to protect me, now did, brought me to their tower and called the beach supervisor on the radio.

The beach supervisor came and contacted the police.

Until the supervisor and the police came, the "French" dressed up quietly and left the beach. The "father" also disappeared.

At last the police came but did not come down to the beach.

I went to their car and we drove the streets around the beach to try and locate the "French" or the "father". We didn't see them.

Then I came back to the beach, we collected our stuff and went to have ice cream.

If the "French" and the "father" will come forward and apologise, I will accept their apology.